Monday, August 8, 2011

Weis Healthy Bites Coupons

Picked up the Weis Healthy Bites Magazine at the store today. Look for it inside where they keep the Weis Circulars. There's some interesting coupons in there:

FREE Sprout Baby Food ($1.67 ea) when you buy 4 pouches. Pair with buy 3 get 1 free coupon HERE.
$1.00 off any 18-22 oz Frito Lay Variety Pack
$1.00 off any Weis fresh chicken when you buy 2 packages of McCormick Recipe Inspirations.
$1.00 of any 3 Athenos Greek Yogurts. Use with $1 off 2 HERE
$.50 off any 12 oz pouch of Weis 5 Star Frozen Veggies, Risotto or Ravioli
$1.00 off 1 dozen Weis 5 Star Omega -3 eggs and 1 pouch of Sauder's Hard Cooked Eggs.

I'm not sure what the shelf prices of these items are - I will check when I head back to the store!

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